Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weird to think...

I'm from Ohio.
I was baptized in a swimming pool surrounded by fifth-graders. I was in college.
I've been with the same girl since I was 15. (That's 20 years.)
We're raising five kids!
I've lived in Montana.
I live in Iceland.
I've seen smoke rising from Basra, Iraq.
I've been sailing on the Black Sea.
I've flown at 100' above the floor of the Grand Canyon.
I'm the father of a teenager.
Two teens as of Jan '06.
I'm a landlord.
I was in an "undisclosed location" on 9-11.
I'm an uncle.
Las Vegas seems normal to me. I call it home.
I have saved people's lives.
I've seen a wolf in the wild.
I've eaten whale meat.
I've been to Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, France, Germany, England, Denmark, and the Czech Republic - In the last six months!
Peace for me is chopping wood.
Peace for me is also collecting boulders with Gregg.
I miss a pick-up truck. (*sniff**)
I'm not musical but wish I was.
I feel physically older than I am.
I feel emotionally much younger.
My daily driver is 40 years old.
I baptized my oldest two kids.
My cousin calls me, "Daddy".
I landed a helicopter on a glacier.
Once, I started a forest fire.
Many years later, I put one out.
I like plaid wool shirts.

All of these things seem surreal to me.


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Have yous guys tries ?
It's cool.

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