Thursday, December 08, 2005

Espresso and Family

I'm makin' espresso in my kitchen! Bought an espresso machine on ebay and really dig it. I'm making mochas and cappuccinos in my kitchen that beat Starbucks hands down! Check out this article, speakin' of the bean:

Weird, but I feel the absence of Amy and the kids. Even when I'm at work, something feels out of place. I can't wait to see them and the rest of you in Las Vegas soon.


Blogger Monarchrist_John said...

It was great to see you all this Christmas. It seems like you all just left last week and yet we're already in Feb. I still can't beleive how the Lord brought us all together. Thanks again for lending me Dan in your absence, his support and mentorship has been indispensible. Hope you all end up back here before we move on.

8:59 PM  

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