Thursday, December 08, 2005

Espresso and Family

I'm makin' espresso in my kitchen! Bought an espresso machine on ebay and really dig it. I'm making mochas and cappuccinos in my kitchen that beat Starbucks hands down! Check out this article, speakin' of the bean:

Weird, but I feel the absence of Amy and the kids. Even when I'm at work, something feels out of place. I can't wait to see them and the rest of you in Las Vegas soon.

church thoughts

George Barna, author of Revolution thinks that the number of committed Christians who do not affiliate with a local congregation in the traditional sense will grow from 30% now to 70% in the next several years.

I think that's bunk. Although I consider myself one of that current 30%, I don't think that the traditional or institutional church is on the way out. A couple of reasons define my argument. First, some people thrive on structure and organization. I am not one of those which is why I fit into the home-grown church so well. I think people who thrive on structure and live for the next project will keep the institutions in business, so to speak. Secondly, as the number of congregational drop-outs increase and the reasons for said drop-out rate becomes more widely understood, the institutional churches will adapt and re-make themselves into a more free, less guilt-driven, performance-based expression of his body. At least I hope so.

I believe the numbers may get close to 50-50 by about 2025, but I think that Christians all over the globe will realize we're on the same team. Those who enjoy big structures and programs will have their place and be able to use their gifts in a more relaxed manner than in the mega-church of today. They will understand freedom in Christ and exercise it daily. Those who like to hang out in their PJs in some one's living room and call that church will be able to do so without fear of losing their friends down at the warehouse building church. God is moving today and he's calling his children to unity. The "Revolution", as Barna puts it, is fueling a larger movement of the Father. He wants us to be one. He wants us to be free of our human systems be they mega-churches or house-churches. Some day I hope my friends can feel free to gather anywhere at anytime to enjoy the reality of being his body.

As far as Apex is concerned, I posted this on Hubbard's blog: I think one day we'll look back and see that our purpose wasn't to be but to send. My mind is full of memories of wonderful people who became part of us and moved on. The largest ministry of Apex has been what others have been able to glean from our table and take with them to wherever they settle. I have believed for a couple of years that God's purpose for us was/is to subtly take part in the change He's making to the church in North America through these people who come and go.

As far as the title of this blog goes, I need to move on. I need to have more thoughts on God and sin and redemption than on "church".