Saturday, February 18, 2006

About Time

It's been quite a while since my last blog because I've been incredibly busy. Even now, I don't have too many things to share. Just a couple of thoughts that have run through my brain lately.

Would we have a concept of time if we didn't live on the second hand of the largest clock in the universe?

Of the different theories of the beginning of the world, they all fail at a certain point. They all reach back to an unanswerable question. For the creationist, that question is, "Where did God come from?" For others, it may be, "What caused the big bang or where did that ball of matter or cloud of gasses come from?" Why do any of the so-called scientific theorists think their ideas are any more or less plausible than the creationist?

Those of us who believe God made all of this should admit that our ideas work back to an unanswerable question just like theirs. For debate, that puts us all on even ground. The difference is that they choose to put faith in the hope that there is no God and we choose to place faith in God the creator.

Faith in God requires us to choose certain things. It requires personal change. Scientists sometimes fear personal choices.

On a different less rambling topic, I heard a sermon recently that used John chapter 2 as a spring board for "encouraging" folks to get involved in support of the church's programs. He completely lost me. How do you take the story of Jesus' first miracle, a wedding feast, and wine drinking and turn it into a guilt trip trying to get people to overcommit to programs that nobody cares about (or else they wouldn't have to beg for help) and few benefit from?

Oh well, see you next time.